Together We Will End Homelessness

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We Put Housing First

SideWalk combines intensive volunteerism and community engagement with data-driven, evidence-based methods to end homelessness.

We are a rising star in the local nonprofit community. In the last 4 years SideWalk volunteers assisted over 800 people to escape homelessness and move to private-market housing.

"No other organization has proven so much in such a short period of time. SideWalk is on the right path to help us end homelessness in Thurston County." - Doug Mah, Former Olympia Mayor

Homelessness can be ended for one person for just $1,200 - total. SideWalk uses a cutting-edge new method - called "rapid rehousing" - that has swept the nation in the last few years.

Rapid rehousing is an approach to resolving homelessness that offers time-limited, small rental subsidies to assist homeless people to quickly move into housing, followed by intensive case management to ensure stability. It's like offering a bottle of water to someone running a marathon - our clients work incredibly hard and we offer a small resource that boosts their success.

The rapid rehousing approach is effective for 80% to 90% of the homeless population. And it is so cost effective - ten times more cost effective than the next best method - that it can be done at large scale.

By combining grass-roots engagement with evidence-driven practices, SideWalk is generating unprecedented results in Thurston County.

Donate by Check

You may also contribute by check. Checks may be made out to "SideWalk". Please mail checks to:

1139 5th Ave SE
Olympia,WA 98501

WA State Employees

We love state workers! SideWalk's nonprofit ID number for the WA State Employees Combined Fund Drive is: CFD #1481840

Interested in volunteering? Contact us here.